Sunday, December 4, 2016

Exhibit at Caixa Forum.

Went to Caixa Forum with the man, there is an amazing exhibit of paintings from the Thyssen museum in Madrid. Wow.

This work was outside the museum, to promote recycling.

I love Chagall, and you so rarely see his work.

This was a fascinating piece from 12?? a REALLY long time ago.  I am astonished by the simple flat planes and the meticulous perspective.  Almost Japanese looking isn't it.

Rembrandt.  Love it always and forever.  I felt like I was actually meeting the man. 

Paul Klee, who I normally love, and who it is also hard to see, but this piece?  Looks like a butcher's apron.

I don't remember this painter's name (shame!), but this was an amazing piece too.

Also saw the first ever actual Georgia O'Keefe.  (Though I didn't love it...sorry)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

From the summer too

A friend's cat also had kittens. Little more needs to be said I think, except maybe awwwwwwwwwww......

Monday, November 28, 2016

More from Toronto in 2016 summer!...The ROM

Goodness, I used to know the ROM inside out and backwards....I could find my way to any exhibit anywhere.  Then they did a gigantic renovation and I am so lost.  It is sad, cause it's like coming back to your home and finding it all rearranged and you can't find anything, but also exciting cause I keep coming across old friends, and also new treasures. 

Here's some old friends and new treasures:

We spent a LOT of time with the dinosaurs......they are marvelous, this one was one of the absolute favourites. Parasaurolophus. 

New friend!  Dino poo!  Is that not cool!!! OMG!!!

Old this ceiling.

Pretty sure this is from Troy...feeling very ignorant. Mask of Agamemnon ....yes!  I was right...I imagine this is not the original as it was just hanging on the wall in the museum in TO....still very cool.  Old and new friend.

New friend, amazing....

We also saw an exhibit, glass work. So amazing to see it made, so mediocre once it's done.  I just cannot get into glass.  A shame.

It was very popular, but, meh.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

More random bits from this summer, maybe I won't repeat myself this time!

I went to Discovery Harbour in Penetanguishene while I was in Canada....they had the remains of the Tecumseth, the remains of this ship are on display here and it had been scuttled, we think.

We also tried to get tickets to a Jays game, and that was a wash out, so we went to this game instead!  It was great!  Except that your undies tend to ride up as you slowly slide down the slope while watching the game....

Is this not the coolest handrail holder????

I swam at Cherry Beach a lot.....

And there were blackberries everywhere.  I have to admit, that they aren't the best berry every, but they are mighty good.

Bits of TO are pretty...I'd never been here before till I took a ride on the lower Don train one day, after abandoning the triathlon group who wanted to go for a ride along Kingston Rd (??!?!?!?!???)  You have to know TO for that, but it is ugly and filled with lots of traffic and trucks.  Not a beautiful or safe place to ride.

Bunnies, 2016 was the year of the many bunnies, I swear to you, I must have seen one nearly every day, and often more.

There was a lot of water too......couldn't cross the river this day.  Normally it's more of a creek.

I also went for a bike ride on the islands, this is the old lighthouse, now well inshore. 

And this was my steed, possibly the most uncomfortable bike I've ever had to ride. 

A friend's kid gave me a temporary tattoo, that lasted for a few weeks!  Better quality than when I was a kid.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Random early Toronto, 2016

Some random things I did from the summer! 

One of the things we have to do, is go for Pho....think I went the second day.  Mmmmmmm.

The middle house is where we lived when Eldest was born.  Looks just the same.

I went running here, both of the two following pictures.  It runs along a creek, with woods at the top and meadows at the bottom.  Lovely changing scenery.

I also went to the Brickworks one day, the buildings were cool.  The event, well, it was alright.

Then there is a burger place, near where we keep the boats.  Man, they are good burgers.  Just good, straight up burgers, a shake and poutine.  Oh my.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Went walking today, Puigsacalm

I love that area so much, I've a couple of friends who really like it and we've gone there several times.  It was so nice to go back......I've got to go again with them.  Time to send a whatsapp and get that organized.

Here's a couple of photos:

We went up through the gap on the right, pulling ourselves up iron rods and metal steps it was so vertical, tremendous fun!

View from the top.....

The barn has seen better days, but the cows still use it.

The mountain there, at the top, is dominated by a beech forest.  It was kinda pretty.

I love how the clouds are echoing the shape of the mountains.

At one point also, there was an updraft, and the sky was filled with glittering, floating dipping and diving leaves.  Really high, up at least 100 feet.  It was amazing.  I stood in awe and didn't take a photo.


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holes in the hills

I've been wandering the hills here for quite a few years now, but I still continue to find new here's a feature of photos of holes in hills!  People used to build shelters in the hills, ostensibly for tools, but probably used for any number of other options! 

There's a photo of one that's been unearthed a few posts ago, here's some more:

This one's a little decrepit, but you can see the remains of a fireplace and chimney, as well as a niche on either side. On the left you can make out the remains of the vaulted ceiling.

Someone closed this one up, it more likely was a font, a natural spring.

This last one looked intriguing!  However clambering into old caves when dressed in lycra running clothes alone in the mountains when everyone else is at lunch, is not this is as good as it got.  It just looked like a small hole an animal dug, till you got closer.  Gonna have to go back to this one.

The hills are absolutely filled with these...I find them fascinating.