Sunday, April 24, 2016

What an amazing weekend!

Really....a great one....

Sat, went to work, that was fine.

Then we went out to mark Vilatrail....lightning, thunder, pouring rain...Chuck got up in a strangers car to try to escape it and we know how much he loves cars....(not at all)

He looked at me like I was torturing him!  Poor thing was soaked, he stopped bothering to shake even, and at the height of the thunderstorm came over to be put on leash.  Not a happy puppy, but once it passed over, he was pretty cheery again.

This morning, got up at 5am to do work on the Masters, then Vilatrail as a witch again, waiting for some photos to come in, hope I get some!  Home, then out again to do a Via Ferrada en Centelles, Les Buamens Corcades....very cool indeed.  We skipped the very hardest part, there were only two of us, I didn't realise how bad a climber my buddy was, and we didn't have climbing shoes...gave that section a pass....but it was amazing.

The three story climb out of the parking lot was not so welcome, after two vilatrails in 24 hours and a 600m via ferrada, my legs were not feeling toooooo happy about it...but complaining we made it.

Off to bed!

Awesome weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Glad you're not our age.
Sea dogs

elPadawan said...

I'm sure there's a funny picture to be made, about you soldiering through two trails and a via ferrata, then struggling with a few stairs... But kudos (to Chuck as well for managing to get through the storm :) )

oreneta said... was a little sad!

J.G. said...

You are living the life! (Poor Chuck.)

oreneta said...

Yeah, it wasn't his happiest day, but it wasn't the worst either!!

So great to hear from you again!!!