Sunday, April 9, 2017

Thoughts on a day in Geneva

Oh, OK, the city is fine, the public transit bus drivers are complete a**holes.  OMG.  'Nuff said.

CERN, super cool, but without a tour, only sorta kinda worth the effort. I'd still love to go on a tour, so someday I'll have to book the tour and then the flights.

Geneva itself, not a lot there, honestly.  Banks, watches and super high end shopping.  Most people were doing shopping with only a few tourists wandering around the old part of town.  I think it must have been one of the very first warm sunny days they've had, cause man, the folks who live there were out in DROVES!

Food, insanely expensive.  8 Swiss francs for a sandwich!!!!  I'll grant, it was a good sandwich, but still.

I was so tired, so so so tired..... I ended up having a nap in a park, along with about 20 other people.  Just lay out on the grass.  That was marvelous.

I can understand quite a lot of French, but remain largely mute.  It was coming back quickly, so I would probably be able to function in a relatively short amount of time, but goodness, the brain is a funny place.

I didn't get to see the following two pictures, you don't get to see that even on a tour, but they had some very impressive images up on the wall.....

These are actual CERN particles!!!

A CERN smile.

Had a nap under this magnolia....

The archaeological museum I wasn't willing to pay to go into.

Neptune, out for a walk.

Finally, there's all that Swiss efficiency, but honestly, a certain lack of information for tourists.  It was all a little confusing, and not just cause I was tired.


elPadawan said...

Nice! What were you doing in there? :)

oreneta said...

I managed to arrange a layover day on the way up to Scotland! It was great. I love doing that when I can.