Thursday, October 12, 2017

What happened next

Well, Puigdemont declared independence, and Catalunya was independent for about 1 minute, and then he suspended it, asking for dialogue and mediation.

Disappointing, but wise.

The Spanish responded by shutting down the website of the Assemblea, almost instantly, charging the two Jordis, heads of Assemblea and Omnium with sedition again, alongside the head of the Mossos, Trapero.

Rajoy came on line and basically told Catalunya to fuck off.

They have made the first step towards invoking Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution that will remove Catalunya's autonomy and the Spanish will have complete control of Catalunya, the schools, education system, police, government, health center etc......

They have also sent to orders to the Catalan education system and the  much loathed Vice-president (whose entire family are actually fascists, except for one brother) came on to say that there would  never be dialogue.

They require Puigdemont to clarify his statement, and he has until Monday to answer.

The pro-Spain group had a demonstration in Barcelona today, with predictable violence.  Trashed the Cafe Zurch, etc....

Life is not that peaceful or comfortable.


thecatalanway said...

Hi there Good to see you are there and still writing. People are keen to see how it is for people living through these momentous times. Pep and I and Zero were over in Granollers until a week ago. Holding your breath is a good way of describing it. Not much happening in day to day life but a powerful feeling of tension and uncertainty in the air. Now we are back in Cornwall and hoping to start a little Catalunya support group - there are three of us so far! Was voting ok in your village? I was up in the Emporda where there were a lot of police attacks but not in the four places I visited. Pep voted in Granollers and that too was calm but tense.
Hope all well with you otherwsie - how is that lovely Chuck? Big hug Kate

oreneta said...

Kate! So great to hear from you!!!!!

I imagined that you would probably come back for the vote....never know what's going to happen though. Ratjoy has just dissolved parliament, removed Puigdemont and all of his councellors, and taken over the police. (So far not the media or education....we live in hope)

Elections for Dec 21. Convenient for getting kids back here to vote anyway.


Chuck is still doing very well....his eye sight isn't quite what it was an he's got a little arthritis in one hip, but otherwise still going pretty strong! Hugs to both of you...and Zero!


thecatalanway said...

Hello Glad you are all doing well.

Zero is our new collie - great dog - a boy - much calmer than the girls.

I am still writing my blog - or at least I am writing again - so much to say at the moment and it helps me understand as I have to research.

My Catalan is improving as I am reading so much. And Spanish but that is slower.

Glad you are still getting good weather - I hear from Tiffany and see photos of the sunshine XXX