Monday, December 4, 2017

Year of the brain, year of the brawn

Well, last year was really intense, a lot of work, finishing the Masters and it was all very very mental.  Last summer was also pretty intense with work, but I did almost no exercise.  I stopped doing any exercise at all more or less in March cause I just didn't have time, and I had barely done any before that anyway.....

Last summer I swam, which was marvelous but it was only 6 weeks, and ran a bit till I took a bad fall....

And my brain was w.e.a.r.y by the time September came around.  I am not studying anything.  Nothing.  I am reading detective novels, and doing a lot of physical exercise.  You see, I threw my back out in September because I hadn't done any exercise....I had to use a cane to get around for a few days.  Not fun.

So now?  I swim twice a week, I am doing weights twice a week, I do pilates once a week, I ride my bike three days a week and I wish I could get motivated for some yoga (unfortunately Chuck the dog wants to join me and it is not very successful) 

My back is just getting to the stage that I could think about running, but it is freaking freezing here.  Not by Canadian standards, I know, but still, we're sitting at about 6º most of the day and it is NOT motivating for going running.

However, this morning?  This morning I swam 3.2 km.  3.2!!!  In an hour and a half!!!  Ok, not exactly making Phelps worried, but still!  That's a lot of front crawl!!!!!  I've been working on technique, and I got that a lot better, then the breathing went down the toilet, but today it all came together and I just swam and swam and swam.  I could have kept going too! 

That said, my arms are a little weary, but I went to do weights and it went far better than I thought it yeah!

In the New Year I'll introduce a little mental work.... maybe......


J.G. said...

Sounds like you're balancing things out nicely. It must have been lovely to swim so long with ease, and that in-the-zone feeling of "I'm not even tired!" sounds delightful.

I have a group of friends who do open water swimming and they are all in great shape. It may be the perfect exercise, with low wear and tear on the body.

You're inspiring me to do less thinking and more moving, myself. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, well done!

oreneta said...

hi JG,

That's very much the idea, balance things out a bit, and I have to say, it's not a conscious decision as such, so much as a necessity! I would like to do some open water swimming too! I've even heard rumours that there are a couple of offical routes, like walking trails, designed for swimmers up the coast from where I am!

Anonymous said...

Orenta, I noticed at J.G's blog that you are reading mystery especially but haven't found groups as flexible as you'd like. You haven't seen my four! I created them as a place to share related material that guests *do* read, never the other way around. I need these themes to fit what I am already reading and what I already own. Here is my headquarters page showing all four.

I'm going to guess that you haven't tried a chiropractor. Some people can be bent in two and in pain but avoid a practitioner that would relieve you right away. I am always glad when I decide to go for a tune up and try not to wait until something is really out. One Canadian to another: it works! Obviously "Orenta" is your sail boat's name, so I can't tell if the female or male spouse is the writer! I am Carolyn, wishing you well.

oreneta said...

Hello Carolyn!

I have used a chiropractor before, but I am in Spain and they are very rare birds over here. I'll be back in Canada in the summer and I'll be looking one up there, that's for sure. They work miracles. I am female, btw!!!

I'll go have a look at your site now...sounds interesting!

Cheers, O