Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Books books books books books

Lined up I have:

Googled, the end of the world as we know it

The Birth House: Ami McKay

The Coffee Trader: David Liss

Crònica de l'ocell que dóna corda al món:  Haruki Murakami

and I have no TIME!!!

but I'm going sailing next week, for two weeks, and a visit to the library is simply going to HAVE to happen!!!!  So going to....lots and lots and lots and lots of reading and maybe even some painting!  Good lord.  maybe we'll even sail a bit and swim a bit and run a bit and walk a bit and take a couple of pictures, good, no?


just a little longer.


Anonymous said...

won't the rocking of the boat interfere with your painting, though? Enjoy the sailing :)

Trish said...

The Birth House is on my TBR shelf too. Happy reading!

thecatalanway said...

Goodness that sounds lovely. I hope it works out the way you imagine and there are lots of days of swimming reading chatting running and sailing....and chilling! K x

oreneta said...

Ahhh, it's watercolour ElP, just a little more wave action....

Trish..I am looking forward to that one enormously!

Kate...I hope so TOO! Chilling would be very very good.

Anonymous said...

Cant believe you are planning to read Haruki Murakami in a foreign language... although maybe that would make him less depressing!