Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Camí dels Enginyers!

Quina passada!  El millor excursion en la vida....podria ser!

Went walking on Sunday, one of the loveliest excursions yet!

Hmm, thinking ice may have nailed this at some point, no?

You can see the river in the middle, we came up on the right and now we are continuing up on the left

We walked along the base of that range in the back, then along the path in the foreground

Just showing how steep the route was all the way along, the views were INCREDIBLE

There are people coming up there, just below me, a steep bit.

Doesn't he look like a grumpy old general cast into stone.

Horses in the very far distance

A wee bit of unmelted snow, over a river of run off.

looking down, obviously,

Looking up

the underside as it melts away is incredibly architectural.

we went along to the divide into the Vall de Nùria (where we didn't go) ...and then came down amongst the cows (including a bull!  He was interested in the lady cows though, not us, phew)

a lot of this water is chanelled off for use....

then we met a pack of horses who wanted to come up the route we were going down.  It is a very narrow route, and they are pretty wild....short legged and stocky mountain horses.  LOVELY beasts, and had foals with them.

Grazing in the sunshine...

Sweet, no?

High alpine fields......

a waterfall, that felt great on the feet......

Ahhhh, and stretching out for 10 minutes in the grass at the bottom......end of a lovely day.


J.G. said...

Lovely! I felt like I was right there with you! It looks like it was a beautiful day.

oreneta said...

t'was spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Lovely indeed. The bridge doesn't look so good, hope it'll be checked before an accident happens...

oreneta said...

It was sturdier than you would think, in fact. Thankfully.