Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Changing out the sink...una pica nova

Don't have time to find a picture of the old sink, but lets just say it was unhygenic and deteriorated, then there was a hole.

Surprise surprise, it was hollow underneath!

The little hole is the old drain.

Bigger than we'd thought

a closer look down the drain - this blog is always scintillating isn't it!  Had I known that was the size of the drain, as in I could have fit my fist in it, I wouldn't have been so worried about clogging it.

the wall without the sink, end of day 1

The new (to us) marble sing goes in....

and all the new surfaces are in place, but the tiles in the corner need to be replaced, they were too cracked and damaged, we have more of the filler tiles you can see around the edges of the sink, but I am hoping for a closer match in colour tone and we're hanging in till I get a chance to go looking

Maybe tomorrow!

A good friend kindly gave us the sink, made out of a single piece of marble!

 I should have taken a photo just of it to show you!  Maybe tomorrow


J.G. said...

The tiles are beautiful - hope you find good matching or coordinating tiles to finish the fix. What is the countertop surface made of? (So different from my "historic" formica.)

oreneta said...

I'll find something, in the fall...the counter is plain red tile, like the floors, but new. Simple, and easy.

elpadawan said...

Very nice. Hope you won't run out of filler tiles, doesn't look like a pattern you easily find everywhere...

oreneta said...

We have two options for substitutes, we'll have to look around for something a little better, that's all.