Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chuck vs Psycho cat

The man took Chuck out for a walk this morning, pretty normal, but on a narrow street up behind the house...they met psycho cat.

Now Chuck is afraid of cats.  His usual technique though is to ignore their existence.  He averts his eyes, moves away from the cat and goes by with as much speed and dignity as he can muster.

This is what he did today.  There was the cat, all arched and puffed up, he crossed to the far side of the street and looked away, but she came. after. him.  He apparently screamed like the man has never heard him before. Utterly terrified.

The cat took three or so runs at him, hissing and yowling, him screaming and running, the man hoping around too.....

Finally the man yelled at the cat enough that it let them go by, but his Chuckiness had no trouble relieving himself once they got to the park later.

Scared *less he was.

Poor pup.


Anonymous said...

He's not a pup any longer. Getting to be an old dog with heart failure if that cat sticks around. Seadog

oreneta said...

We've been avoiding that neighbourhood for the last while...out of respect for middle.age pup's aging heart and bowel!!! And ours!

Anonymous said...

oh my god i can imagine chuck screaming! there's a cat living on our street here who would probably see chuck off. black and white and fluffy and named delilah. she barrels down at you on the sidewalk and demands petting.