Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Still kinda out of date

My plans for the Easter weekend got fairly destroyed, a combination of issues, but fortunately some friends invited us to go down to a place they have further south in Catalunya, and it was lovely, we even managed to get in a bit of walking.

Note:  Next year, I will not be working Mondays if I can possibly help it.  I have barely walked at all this year, and it is getting me down.

We went up a hill and found a castle.  It was a good hill and big hill and a lovely bit of climbing.

We came back down the hill, there were cliffs on the way that we walked past.

Further down the hill there was a tank where water from a spring gathered, we cooled our feet, and found tadpoles,

and fish

They also do a lot of dry stone work here.

On a later side trip, you can see that youngest came, and that she has big feet.

What we climbed earlier that day:

on this little trip though we managed to find some caves!

and a butterfly,

and a snake I didn't get a picture of, they claim he was an adder, and it could be, but I'd be surprised.

More caves:  we were very good and only poked our noses in, thought they looked really interesting.

Sun going down over new grape vine shoots and distant mountains.


thecatalanway said...

Glad things worked out in the end. Not working on Mondays sounds a good idea - you can't give up walking - life needs to be balanced more toward the fabulous parts! Hows Chuck? We must try to meet up before I set off for the UK in May. I am walking again - or we can do a Barcelona meet - this time with a chance for coffee at least:)

love Kate

Anonymous said...

catalunya is so gorgeous! i'm having sentimental expat feelings. its weird, i feel like both a canadian and catalan expat. i dunno. -eldest

Anonymous said...

Is that really a goldfish in that pond? Like NYC fashion where people supposedly flush them down the toilet when their kids get tired of them?
Your "walks" look at least like strenunous mountain hikes to me!So glad you get such a kick out of them. GM

oreneta said...

Kate, when do you go?

Eldest, hope you feel at home in both places as well as displaced!

GM, that really is some kind of goldfish, but it is a natural spring, so a wee bit nicer than the NYC sewer system for the fishies!