Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dr Montessori in BCN 100 Years Ago.

Dr Montessori, of the Montessori schools, came to Barcelona to escape Mussolini in the early 1930's, but she had actually had contact with Barcelona before this, because the Mancomunitat, commonwealth of Catalunya, formulated officially in 1914, but working in 1911 opened schools here as early as 1913, and sent two teachers to Rome who returned to open another school in 1915. 

Here are some photos...very cool

There's a number of Catalans I want to look up too, who were instrumental in setting up Montessori schools as well.

Such as:  Alexandre Galí i Coll, Joan Garriga i Massó and Joan Palau i Vera, who seems to have gone and studied with Dr Montessori. 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful find!

oreneta said...

Seriously amazing, no?