Thursday, June 12, 2014

Went walking again

This time to Cadí, where I hadn't been before I think, though I have been nearby.  It is, by Catalan standards, quite filled with rivers, and by anyone's standards, beautiful ones.

This steep downhill run was called - obviously  in Catalan - the milk boiler.  Not a bad name...

We had a nap here, more than an hour it was, what a lovely place.

What a cool waterfall, no?

see that river/big stream? It was moving fast.  Very fast!

and all that water?  See how it just sort of appears in the picture?  There's no waterfall there above the stream.  That's cause it surges out of the rock.  A gigantic spring.

from there mostly....amazing.

there was a snake right by the where the water came out, and I'd like to mention that the water was SERIOUSLY cold!!!!

All that water came out of the rock face about 20 meters upstream.  All of it!

An amazing place.


Anonymous said...

beautiful place. You should write a guide book
Sea dog

Anonymous said...

Nice. Can the milk boiler be used for making cappuccinos? :D

Anonymous said...

Amazing what pops into mind looking at your photos - like was that snake guarding the water source? Or was that the only spot a ray of sun got to? Don't know about Catalonian mythology but we have all kinds of tales about these fascinating creatures! Cheers, GM