Monday, August 11, 2014


These are really old idea!  Still digging through drafts!  These are, I think from 2008

The man leaves stuff on the bed overnight - he still does, if there's socks or sheets of paper on the bed when he gets in it, they just stay there.  Now I do the same thing!

Habits...dusting the feet off on each other before getting into bed.- Something from the boat, there was always you had to rub the soles of your feet together before getting into bed.  Very evocative for me

pumpkin chunkin - we know folks who do this!  Let me find a video. Sadly I've never seen it.

catch more flies with sugar...but a dead your looking good - overheard in central Florida.  Probably true, but not sure how the analogy would go

vanilla toilet paper and blowing your nose with it. ugh - does vanilla scented toilet paper not seem just wrong?  *weird*

mfk fisher - she's brilliant.  If you've heard of her, I'm so glad, if not, look her up

My escape from Poland into Russia - now there is a story of mine I have to blog!

catalan triathalon - oh, yeah, I saw this t-shirt...I think it involved, eating, drinking and ****ing

honesty in food - I think this one was also about having pigs heads in the stores, and pigs sawn in half on ads....if you're going to eat it, you should look at it!

Fear driven culture - I was thinking about the US and conclusions we came to after spending quite a bit of time there.

40 is the new 30, what is that? - I still agree with myself, what is that? Too weird.

spanish real estate prices - are not so completely unrealistic as they were, but still crazy high, and then flat at the top.  Odd.

alone -  this?  I have no idea what this was about.

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