Monday, August 4, 2014

Wet brushes

Went climbing today with Youngest, and a friend, well a few friends.  Indoors.....

still good.

I can consistently climb a 5.10-, now working 5.10+s.  We'll see.

That said, the stupendous part of the day, going through photos of some of my paintings. I've done a lot, and some are pretty good...nothing to be ashamed of anyway.

So this evening, finally, I got the brush on the paper again.  And about time.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Seadog

oreneta said...

haven't managed again. Ho hum

Anonymous said...

5.10... I think that's pretty much the equivalent of where I stand. On a good day. Lead climbing. If we end up climbing together one of these days, I feel like you're the one who's gonna open up the routes for lil' ole me :D