Friday, December 26, 2014

So little time!

I know I am way to busy when I finally get into my photos and realise how gigantic the backlog is!

So, with no further ado,

I start to open that up and show some of what I have been up to, a series of posts.

Way back on November 2nd, or something like that, Youngest and I went into BCN with a friend to get a tour of the Ajuntament (town hall) there, which you can only visit on specific days, and with a guide.  I have to say that overall, the tour was kind of disappointing, with the exception of one room, though in fact we didn't need a guide to see it if we had just gone up on our own.  Here's some pics:

Youngest and I got into BCN kind of early, so we took some photos, I had always meant to take photos of these manhole covers, and finally did.  Pretty amazing, no?

Some random graffiti:


6 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes and 15 seconds to the vote!!!!

This room was amazing, the Consell de Cent I think it was called.  Amazing.

A painting, it was OK.

Then as the tour was short, we went on to see other stuff.....

For example here we are in the center of a building where three of the columns from the original Roman temple stand...and where they stood originally!  Cool.

This is a photo of a drain.  It has a stone cover and if you look closely, about 2 stories down, you can see a little river running.

Maybe it's easier don't want to drop your keys or your phone down there.

We went on to the Museu de la Ciutat, which are roman ruins again:

You can see they built it up from whatever other bits and pieces came to hand.

And atop it, this amazing room.

Back November 2nd or something.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice! Glad you started to work on that backlog :)

oreneta said...

Yeah...gotta get things up to date!!!!