Monday, February 16, 2015

A very good day indeed

Though I took simply terrible photos.  I need to pay a little more attention to that, holy jeez.

Went off with two great walking buddies.  We are super comfortable with each other, walk at basically the same rate and like the same types of walks.  They are just great.  Honestly. 
I have missed walking with them.

So, we went off to climb Matagalls, one of the peaks of Montseny.  But, we were all a little tired didn't make the earliest start one one of my buds has a wonky knee at the moment, sooooo, we didn't make it to the top, but, really?  Whatever.  We had a LOVELY day.

So did Chuck, he came too.  (well aside from Chucking in the car on the way there, he had a marvelous day!

Here are a few photos:

We were headed back behind the furthest peak you can see.

Still can't quite see the peak, but we walked along the top of all that.

There is an amazing little hermitage up there as well, it is on the littlest piece of rock!

This is where we stopped, Matagalls, the official peak, is the highest distant peak, but as you can see, it was starting to cloud over and it seemed prudent to turn around, for knees and weather.

Montserrat in the distance!

The hermitage again, we went in this time and it sadly needs work, hope someone will do that.

A river and an amazing beech tree!


Anonymous said...

Those photos are great. Don't be so modest.
Sea Dog

elpadawan said...

It's not reaching the top that matters, it's the way there that does :)

oreneta said...

Thanks...they are the ones I could rescue!

ElP, reaching the top is incidental, especially when it is winter (albeit Catalan winter) and the weather is closing in!