Saturday, February 28, 2015


I just finished reading my way through an entire series of books.

You know when you find a new author and you LOVE the books?  And there's a whole series with many of the same characters......and you read them all.

All of them, one after the other.

And then you get to the end.


sort of like a friend is leaving and isn't coming back.

....later......just found out the author's died.  Now I'm really sad, cause they really aren't coming back again.  I'll just have to revisit.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and then when you thought it was all over, a new book comes out. And you're glad your friend is back when you thought they were gone...
A bit how I felt when I discovered Pratchett's Discworld. Hope he'll be able to keep writing longer, despite his condition :/

oreneta said...

It is sad about Pratchett.

There is always rereading, but still, not quite the same as a new story coming out.


thecatalanway said...

so what were the books? Or should I be consulting your book list? Glad you're running again - let's walk soon K x

thecatalanway said...

Ok I have it now - Elizabeth Peters!
K x

oreneta said...

yes, it was the Elizabeth Peter's the Amelia Peabody stories. They are not great literature, but they are great fun and the characters, while slightly...well, in a way it's almost like reading a comic in that the characters are SO distinctive, but they are also marvelous. Anyway. Sad it's all over.