Monday, July 4, 2016


For all that I have done lots of swimming, and even got some lifeguarding certification way back in the past (and I'd like to say, you never ever ever wanted me to be the one to rescue you)  I do generally like swimming.

That said, I have always been the type of swimmer that is pretty happy to float around, rather than push myself at all. 

Then, last weekend, I tried swim goggles for the first time and nearly drowned myself when my autonomous nervous system thought I was snorkelling and I just inhaled a gigantic lungful of air. 

To say that I went into tonight's swim a little uneasy would be a clear statement of fact.  You see, I've signed up with a triathlon group while I'm here, on the premise that I am here alone, so I have quite a bit of extra time, and it will certainly motivate me to exercise, and I might even meet a cool group of folks.  I do not think a tri is in my future, I haven't the time or desire to train frankly.

So, off I went this evening, and was delighted to see, shall we say.... a range of body types at the venue.  I was worried they would all be amazing Simon Whitfields.  I chatted briefly with the coach to say that I was a complete and utter beginner, she said, no problem there were lots of beginners and that the week before some barely made it off the beach!  Hallelujah!

They were letting us try on wetsuits, very fancy, very expensive wetsuits!  So that was a nice thing, I'll be in a swim suit from here on out and it ain't as buoyant.  It was pretty cool having my feet at the surface all by themselves!

So, things were going well.  Generally.  Apparently I breath through my eyes considering the amount of fogging I was getting on my goggles, and I could maintain the crawl for much longer than I anticipated. 

I also have to admit that at some deep reptilian layer of my brain I am kind of afraid of swimming.  It only rears up at odd moments, and I am quite used to it, as I have been sailing and racing all my life, but I do get a bit of a panic-y gasping thing going from time to time, quickly brought under control.  And I don't exhale underwater, ever. 

Till tonight!  See things were going pretty well, I wasn't horrifyingly last, and indeed passed some folks.  Anyone who has seen me swim, can only imagine the caliber of those swimmers!!! So all was hunky dory, and I was managing to sight the lines fairly well through the fog that was my goggles, and so I thought it was time to give exhaling in the water a go.  And I could do it!  It wasn't such a happy place, and I cannot say that it was going smoothly (lots of water up my nose, not sure why) but I was doing it and that is huge!!! 

Plus I got some technique tips for doing the crawl, and man did that ever help!!!!  Excellent evening overall, already signed up for next week.


J.G. said...

Sounds like fun! I know some open water swimmers (I should really say, "am in awe of" some open water swimmers) and they are a friendly, multi-sized group, so yes, you are likely to meet some interesting people. Good luck with your underwater breathing! No doubt you'll get better with practice.

J.G. said...

(I accidentally deleted your comment on my post about the butterflies -- but I'm very glad you enjoyed the pictures!)

oreneta said...

Hi JG, sorry for the long delay, I have a little trouble getting onto the blog here....a long story!

I AM getting better!!! I remember being amazed at how fast I get better at swimming a million years ago, when I did a course, and it is fortunately happening again!

Don't worry about the delete. No problem.

elPadawan said...

nice! I did notice the fogging as well. I think it has to do with condensation and the temperature difference between the outside (water) and the inside (sealed air heated by your body temp). I recall being told once that leaving a teeny bit of water at the bottom of the glasses when you put them on helped to alleviate that, but I haven't worn swimming glasses in so long, I don't remember how well it works :D

oreneta said...

Yeah, I figured it was a hot/cold fogging issue as it is less trouble indoors and has been less trouble as the water outdoors has warmed up.

A little water inside would be more irritating than the fogging!!!! Meh.