Tuesday, August 23, 2016

At level 5, some more thoughts on that pesky game

From before....I cannot post at work, so it needs organization to get this stuff posted!!!!

well, i've leveled up to level 5, and things have, as stated gotten more interesting.  I now have an incubator and can incubate eggs.  Interestingly, in order to hatch an egg, you have to walk.  The minimum is 2k!  Some are 5k or 10 or 15 k!  Wow, enforced exercise!

It is interesting to look too at the perceived or real overlay.  One always knows that there is much more going on in a place than you can really imagine.  You look around an office and wonder what all those people can be so busy with at their computers.  Or at least I do.  My dog must as well.

This summer, I stumbled upon a geocache, and I have a friend who is mad about this, so I messaged him and he told me to log it, which I did do.  Then I realized the number of geocaches there are around us that we know nothing about.  They also make use of google mapping to show where they are in general terms.  

Then there is pokemon go with all the gyms and stops and I know not what else.  There are layers and layers around us that we pay no heed to.

More importantly this makes me realise the layers of natural world that are around us that we pay no heed to.  Territories for foxes, or squirrels, hiding spots (caches) of food for the winter, nest, hiding spots for predators and their prey.

Mapping all of that as well would be fascinating, and would end up like one of those old anatomy books with transparent drawing after transparent drawing laid one on top o the next.


J.G. said...

I was just thinking about the layers of lives around us - and then you covered that in the next paragraph! We humans sure miss a lot with our self-centered ways.

I have on my TBR list an interesting book that touches on that: "The Forest Unseen: A Year's Watch in Nature," which focuses on the goings-on in one square meter. I can't wait to read it!

elPadawan said...

A very interesting thought. Regarding this mapping thing, there are some that can't be mapped because of their impermanence. I'm thinking nests. We've got a kinda hollow tree (found no pokemon in it) in the garden. This year, a pair of birds decided to make a nest out of it. But that's the first time I see it. Another time, I was climbing, and on top of a cliff I saw small broken bones on the ground. Former nesting spot for some birds of prey, apparently. Which is why climbing is forbidden in the region until after mating season (so as not to risk disturbing the wildlife). But again, any cliff would do, so there's no mappability. Unless I one day find a "birdie doormat" somewhere, in which case, well... I'll be a monkey's uncle :D

oreneta said...

Hi JG,

It is interesting thinking of how all the different species around us map the world. Even something as silly as walking my dog, he has a whole different map of my neighbourhood than I do...

ElP, hmmmm, a birdie door mat....that'd be cool. It is always neat to come across evidence of how others live in an area where we are....I always find myself having a good look at the poop from wild animals, what were they eating!?!?!? (I just look though.....)