Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Final thoughts on that game

Well, I am very done with Pokemon go. 

The biggest problem for me is the basic premise.  It is essentially like illegal dog fighting.  Capture a wild creature, that is normally pretty cute then you 'evolve' it into something aggressive.  Train it to fight in 'friendly' fights, and then send it out to other gyms to really fight.  The pokemon can get injured and killed in these fights, and you make money off them.

Just plain sick.

Also, the augmented reality aspect is a slick little sideshow and is not integrated in the game in any real way, in fact most players...and websites advise this....turn off the AR as it saves battery power, so while this is the primary reason I was looking at the game, the first really massively popular use of augmented reality, a break out so to speak, it isn't really that much of a thing in the game.  Just kinda something cool at first.

And it is sick.

Despite the fact that I know that these are non-existent creatures, I will not be fighting them.  Just cannot go there. 

Oh, and there is also this kinda creepy feature where you can trade them out for cookies for the animals (sorry pokemon)  Kinda like dog cookies, no? You can 'transfer' them to 'the professor'.  But what is this professor doing with them?  What is the story behind that?

Anyway, final comments?

Ick.  Just sorta gross.  I'm looking forward to uninstalling it from my phone

and the augmented reality?  Cool, but they could have done so much more with it!


J.G. said...

I'm with you 100% on the basic premise. I would bet money that "the professor" is doing experiments with them.

elPadawan said...

I haven't got yet to the part where I do fights. I would not be surprised to learn that some people are actually not into the fights at all and just into the collecting (kind of an "explorer" type of thing). The egg stuff: I'm not moving around enough to even incubate any of those. I was also looking forward to the AR piece but got disappointed that it actually was kinda glitchy and power hungry on my phone.
Re: the fights: it's pretty much the whole premise of both the show and the games, though, I think. You catch pokemon, go on adventures trying to catch more and more, and on your way you get "attacked" by others. Or in order to capture some, you have to weaken them first, so that means throwing your guys at them. I didn't know about the "they can die" part of it, though. Pretty sure I wouldn't want to lose my hardly earned pokédudes for good, so that means I just would stay out of fights...
And re: the trading for candy, I came across this comic a while back. I think it kinda sums it all :D http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=379

oreneta said...

JG....it is just icky....it just is.

ElP, I never fought mine and if I were to continue, I wouldn't ever do it. I'll probably check it out in Spain when I get there, just to see if it's working, the explorer aspect of it is cool....but the fighting. Nah.

The comic....is gross!!!! And probably bang on, as you said.