Sunday, October 30, 2016

A lovely evening

Took the dog for a bit of a trot yesterday, just up behind the house....there was some cool stuff to see and it was a lovely evening.  Here's some photots:

The sun took a long time going down, and was gorgeous, it was a little misty too, which was just lovely.

I also stumbled across (well, not literally) this excavation of an old barraca, a kind of shed in the hills for keeping who knows what in, it had been nearly completely buried.

Nice night out.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. How big it that barraca? It could be a coffin. Is it made of stone?

oreneta said...

It is a bit bigger than it looks in the photo, I thought the same thing, it could be a moderately elaborate tomb, but there are quite a lot of these in the hills, just not normally in quite such good condition, as this one was buried, so it hasn't suffered the ravages of time the same way. It's a mixture of stone and brick, brick on the walls and brick tiles to make the vault, probably stone and the bottom of the walls, but if they were really good, it might have been brick all the way down.

There really were a lot of very talented masons, I think most men could turn a hand to it, and a lot of them could build these vaults, which are not that simple to do! It's a thing they're studying quite a bit at MIT!!!

J.G. said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely evening out and about. What an interesting find the barraca is. Was it buried on purpose? (Hope that's not a really dumb question!)

oreneta said...

JG, Not a dumb question at all, I don't know. It is possible it was covered over, as it is on a ridge, which reduces the chance that erosion has done this, so maybe there were steps down to it. It would have helped to keep things cool. We're looking at the back side of it here, so hard to say from the photo. I'll have to go back up and look.