Monday, January 2, 2017

Yesterday was marvelous

Really!  I had the most amazing start to the year!  Went for a walk in the hills with the dog and the man, went to friends and had a marvelous New Year's day lunch, read a fantastic book (The Martian), had a nap and went to a stunning concert here in the village.  The musicians were having fun, at the end they had santa hats on, or police hats (?) or barratines, they played a weird instrument they'd made out of bottles filled to different depths and lit and suspended.  It was fun, it was great music beautifully played, but the highlight was the tenor....OMG

It isn't a big theater and it was like a private performance.  Josep Fadó  I mean, good lord.  We even got to sing Silent Night, which was cool, I love that carol....but everyone was singing different words than me (in Catalan) big deal.....he sang this piece among others.  It was amazing, make your hair stand up on end.


michael carter said...

Great day
Happy New Year
We had a lazy day, though I went for a good walk with ice claws on. They are really marvellous.
Love Dad

oreneta said...

Oooh, you've got ice claws...always wanted to try those....they're cool, eh?

Glad you had a lovely lazy day.

Anonymous said...

He is rather good! No straining on the high notes. What a lovely way to start the new Year. Love Seadog