Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Buyin a boat, another boat. Another vega

Well, I'm in Glasgow right now seeing Eldest who just handed in their dissertation, and I came to look at a boat.  An Albin Vega.  It looks like we're going to buy it!

The man went up to Sweden to buy one, which I was pretty excited about honestly, the location was great, the boat looked really good, but the surveyor said that it needed a couple of thousand to repair the electrics, and we didn't get the engine tested and they didn't haul it.  So we wanted to get them to reduce the price because we'd have to pay for the electrical work, and there was a lot cause it was a really fancy boat, all tricked out, and to get anything like our money back, we'd have to keep that up. 

He wouldn't reduce the price, not even a little bit.  Ho hum.

So, we went and looked online at other boats. And there's this one, near Glasgow....and I came up on Sunday (bought the ticket on Saturday) and saw the boat on Monday and paid the deposit. 

The engine looks really really good, the hull looks sound (WAY too many thru-hulls - but that can be repaired) the rig looks fine.  The sails and cordage, not so much.  There's a CQR and chain.  A dingy we can sell and an outboard. 

We'll get a composting head I think and a heater.  Maybe a Dickson, I've always liked them.

It has a propane stove and oven, which we may well keep, but I have no idea where I will keep the pans if we do.  Have to think around that one too.  Might sell it as well.  We'll see. 

Now to get the house rented and youngest's apartment rented, then it's down to the details. 

Look at that tartan!


elPadawan said...

Wo, very nice :). Congratulations, then? :)

oreneta said...

I guess so, though in the end we said no to that boat and we're in the process of buying another!!!!