Monday, January 8, 2007

First day of school, part 2, after lunch.

They came out smiling!!!! Yeah YEAH Yeah! The little one didn't have much of a clue about what had been going on, but nonetheless was smiling and playing with another child. The elder one came out with a big grin, and stayed content.

They were happy over lunch, and very loud. The eldest felt compelled to lie head down hanging out of an armchair and shout revolutionary history at me. We started at the French revolution, moved through the American, on and on through the Russian revolution, the Hungarian, the Velvet..... Meanwhile the youngest was amusing herself by sitting on my prone body and shouting, "Hola! Bon Dia!" into my face at about 3 second intervals. Very joyous, but very loud. The little one however did not want to go back to school. At all. Thought two drop offs a day might be a problem.

The husband seemes to be holding up as well.

I am going for a nap. Right now.

So far, so good.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well in the oreneta household :)

Naps are always good.

Beth said...

Hurray! They made it through with smiles...
And Mom did too.
Sleep well.

oreneta said...

Trish: yeah, everything was better...the younger one was a little manic, I think all the unacustomed sugar did her in..the chocolate croissant at snack, and then a toffee pudding at lunch....I'll admit, I try to undo harm with that a problem?

Beth: Yes, thankfully, it went well, bless every kid in that school. The VAST majority of whom were happy to see the kids and invited them into everything... what a nice place. So far.

The nap was divine. Plunged into oblivion....mmmmmmmmmm.