Monday, January 15, 2007

Really crappy meals, identical twins, pimpin' the blog, and spit

We all seem to be on food...Nomad and Beth and my sister and now me. I type this while eating chocolate and sipping coffee. Hope the kids don't read that.

My sister wrote me about a day she had of cooking disasters...Cooking disasters!...I am so glad to hear other people have them too. My all time worst one was on the boat. We had left over pumpkins from Halloween, that I couldn't bring myself to just chuck, but instead was viewing as food. Great! Pumpkin soup..the stuff is gorgeous. Only recipe on board is a very gourmet version. We have a very limited variety of ingredients in the boat so I begin to improvise. OMG. We did have hominy corn on board in a can. Amongst other things, I put that in.

It was under spiced, under-flavoured, as cutting pumpkins are not as flavourful as pie pumpkins...why must they over breed these things so much, and the hominy corn was disgusting with it. Really. Totally disgusting. I am sure that given the right person it would be delicious, but not here. To make matters worse, the husband had invited over a French Canadian couple from another boat, who we had NEVER met before. I had cooked it in a pressure cooker. A wonderful device, but it doesn't let you taste part way through and adjust your seasonings.

Opened the pot, served it up to these lovely people and the was completely gross...we tried to keep them from eating it. We told them over and over they didn't have to eat it...we explained it was an experiment and we found it disgusting, but they wouldn't relinquish their bowls. It was sooooo bad.

We never saw them again. We think that if they did see us, they cranked up the diesel and scuttled in the other direction....I can just hear them..."les pauvre anglais...."

One odd thing about this town, is the sheer number of identical twins. Now I believe, that it is completely random, there is no genetic tendency towards it like with fraternal twins. So why so many. The kids school, which cannot field more than 250 students, has 3 sets I think. There are others around town. Now what is going on here? Is it the water????? Here's another question...all of a sudden, there are pregnant women the entire town fertile only once a year, back around last May? I know some of it has to do with hanging around the school waiting for the kids, but really, the bellies are EVERYWHERE.

The elder child is now enduring the latest in the ongoing saga of the loose and disgusting teeth. She at least does not feel compelled to show me, up close and personal, ever ten minutes. Can't wait for that thing to fall out.

I have been having a little trouble over here getting work, and so since some extra cash would not go amiss, I hate to say it, but I am most likely going to start pimping my blog. Yup, probably going to put some ads up here. There is still a debate ongoing, as I have more than a few ethical problems with I sell my soul (blog) to the devil.....those of you who know me well are going to laugh your faces off if I do it. The money could be handy sleazy.

Here's a question...does it bug you to go to blogs with a lot of advertising? Those google sidebars, and ads here and there. I don't like it. The google sidebars don't bug me too much, but some sites......*shudder*

So would you all divorce me, leave me with a skull ring?

Oh, and here is one disgusting thing about Spain that I COULD LIVE WITHOUT. The men spit. Not discreet little, they crank it up out of their shins, with great gooshey sounds, and then let fly these enormous sits there on the road....and sidewalks....and you slide in them.....that and the dog shit that no one picks up.....
One guy, and I have to be honest, it is guys 50 and over...he heaves one up from the soles of his shoes...right in my ear as he passes behind the most disgusting old man you ever had the misfortune to sit near on the subway...I spun my head around, and stared at him, horror-struck. He looked not the least abashed, although he kept the loogy in his mouth till he crossed the street and let it rip. *splat*




Beth said...

No divorce, no skull ring - pimp away! If the extra cash would help, what a great way to do it.
If a blog is good (and your's is) ads don't bother me.
And those "loogeys" - yeah, yuk. All the guys on my kids' hockey and baseball teams did that. Huh? Why?

oreneta said...

Beth: Thanks for the imput...and the compliment..

The spitting..jocks do it too don't they....uuurgh. I have NEVER felt the need. Ok, maybe if I got a bug in my mouth or something.....

Nomad said...


Love love...

You are so funny girl!!

RE the pimping (or was that pingpong...) I am also guffawing...but no skull ring will be forthcoming from relax and go for it... hey I have always been curious about this too..

OM-goodness re the horking, I can SO relate, it is like in Asia or most memorably Nepal... when you are up at 6 A.M it is THE predominant sound...starts drawing up "OTHER"things form the soles of your shoes I tell ya...

Anonymous said...

No problemo with ads as far as I'm concerned...

Loose teeth and horking loogies?


Two of the grossest things ever...I don't know how I made it through motherhood with all those bloody stumps in their mouths. And if I catch any of my boys spitting they get one up-side the head and a loud earfull for good measure. Women seem to be able to get through life without clearing out their upper respiratory tracts in public, why can't men? It's just so gross.

High Desert Diva said...

Ha! Love the pumpkin story!

Hmmm...just to be safe, I'd avoid drinking the hyper-fertile-water.

It's your blog, babe. I have heard, however, that the ads don't really generate enough money to be worthwile.

oreneta said...

Nomad: Your right, I saw a lot of spitting in China, but considering how much they smoked, their probably just trying to spit out the tumors they must be growing. Here it is the suprise that gets me as only the oldish guys really do it. Ugh.

Trish: I think those slaps upside the back of the head are called CHAPUFS...I work with a bunch of Italians, and that seems to be the uniform name...and I have been tempted to deliver them to strange and disgusting old men.

HDD: The fertility thing is blessedly no longer the issue, but if the grandchildren all come in pairs.....

The ads, I suspect your right, I think only super high traffic blogs make any cash at it...may give it a shot though.

Beth said...

Pimp it girlfriend!!! Who am I to say how someone should make a little money? ;)

OMG>>>>Spitting is one of THE grossest things ever. My husband does this all the time(bad sinuses)and it completely grosses me out.

Can you make much money pimping your blog? ...hmmm.....:)

oreneta said...

Beth: Lord, I hope your husband goes somewhere all by himself to do that...there are certain bodily functions I just DO NOT want to see.

$ on the blog...if you have enough traffic...there are some blogs, like dooce, (just google her) that claim to be able to make a living off it. I've read her blog, and it isn't any more brilliant than others I've seen....She must have spent quite a lot of time getting the word would be work at that level...a few extra bucks though.....I have read that she has links from over 66,000 other blogs....