Friday, July 17, 2009

Road trip!


I am finding the schedule here is a little restrictive...blogging at all? A challenge.

Reading blogs and finding out what all you lovely people are up to? Challenging too.

I have actually gotten through my reader, though I will admit to not having read every single one of your updates, though I have read the most recent. A girl can only do what a girl can do...human and all that.

Giant road trip this weekend, with the girls and Chuck the barfing dog and a complete stranger too boot....should be SO much fun. (um, maybe NOT) I love a good road trip, don't get me wrong, but this sounds like it is going to be a doosey...

Wish me luck.

7 to 8 hours in the car.

Have I ever mentioned that my kids HATE being in the car? Hate it.

Ho hum.

Last time we did this drive I ended up standing on the side of a road in rural Quebec screaming at eldest and threatening to make her walk the rest of the way. Her behaviour had not been exemplary either.

Oh the joys!


Anonymous said...

Totally love how you said "her behaviour had not been exemplary EITHER" - found myself this morning shouting at no. 1 - "STOP SHOUTING!" isn't that always the way?

Anonymous said...

Have fun. Just be careful which radio you put on ;)

TeacherMommy said...

Just don't forget the brilliant advice you left me about blaring the music until they can all start behaving like humans!

Good luck!

oreneta said... true isn't it.

ElP, I was, brought some CD's too.

Teacher Mommy, now that I have a teen, the opposite threat works...I will turn the music OFF if they aren't human!