Monday, July 20, 2009

So many Chuck stories, so little time!

Chuck the Barfing Dog Goes to Ottawa.

Thanks to the wonders of modern pharmecuticals, he didn't barf. He did have a LOVELY time running through the woods sniffing a million animal smells and discovering what chippies are.

He also slept in a tent.

He didn't think that was such a good idea. You see, here is my theory. He was abandoned and had to live on the street, so I figure he likes that roof, walls, house idea quite a bit. He got into the tent happily enough, but when I zipped it up? Whining and pushing against the walls. He whined for an hour and a half straight. Honestly.

Then he resigned himself to his fate in lowered and more vulnerable circumstances and went to sleep.

Can I add that sleeping with the dog is somewhat overrated.


Woke at 4 am with my legs bound in place.

Kick kick, flail flail!

He had a lovely morning running around sniffing at things, then he found a nice juicy cow pat; 10 minutes before we were to leave to drive back to TO.

Rolled in that sucker but good.

Got thrown in the lake.

Have I ever mentioned that he HATES water?

Not a happy puppy. Less happy as I went to throw him in the second time to rinse the soap off. Poor thing. Then we still had to rinse some more bubbles off with a bucket.

Gave him a those things taste bad....and we drove and drove and drove home again.

The car smelled like wet dog the whole way home.

Think I'll be taking the train next week if I can work it out.

Poor pooch.


mmichele said...

Poor pooch?! Poor YOU!

oreneta said...


J.G. said...

Hm. I'm thinking it's better that the sequence was cow pat -> car rather than cow pat -> bed. But maybe that's just me?