Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I have a whack of photos

from the yesterday in BCN, but that seems too much effort at the moment, and I want to comment on something.

I bike to work, as some of you know....and this year I have some very early classes so I am actually biking in the dark.  It quickly became apparent that the usual run of the mill headlight that I was using was woefully inadequate.  Partially cause it just doesn't cast much light, good for being seen, but not so great for seeing...also it uses batteries, and if I was going to be using that three times a week, the bill for batteries, to say nothing of the rather more important environmental impact, was going to be hefty.

So I got me a new headlamp.  BLINDINGLY bright.  Something like 500 lumens, whatever that means....a LOT of light.

It's awesome, in a whole lot of ways...I can plug it in to recharge it and the light stays bright for many more hours...I am super visible to cars, and I can SEE!!!!

As an added side bonus, the light is so bright that it helps with pedestrians.

See, here's the problem, part of the route is along the beach (life just sucks sometimes doesn't it) and there are masses of pedestrians.  With this beam of light ahead of me, they see me coming, not just the ones coming towards me, but the ones going the same direction.  Makes it soooo much easier.

They can see the light on the road ahead of them - this baby is seriously bright - from about 50 meters away and move over to one side without me startling them by coming up behind them and asking them to move, or if their wearing headphones and meandering around, me secretly cursing them before bellowing loud enough they hear me!

LOVE this light.....


sea dogs said...

Fabulous light! Just don't look at car drivers. Blink, blink.

thecatalanway said...

that sounds good. now that the nights are drawing in i need to get something too. i expect you will be shocked to hear that i dont have any bike lights at all.....and have cycled round town for the past three years.....of course there are street lamps and often there is no traffic.. but....i think it is time to be sensible :)

Anonymous said...

This morning I passed a bike on the road with a terribly dim light, in a fog where visibility was less than 50m. Got me worried for the poor lad...