Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The next day

Onto the bikes...below, my trusty steed, the red bag on the handlebars is the cleverest thing I ever bought.  Brought it from Canada this summer.

If you look carefully at the bike, you will notice that it has a single speed.  This is because this route was the easiest thing I ever rode.  37K and we barely turned the pedals over.  Honestly.  It was a Via Verde, which means that it was an old railway line, and we were going down.  Smoothly and steadily.  Honestly, push off at the top and that's nearly all you have to do.  The only tricky parts were the tunnels, and there were many of them.  The lamps on the bikes kind of weren't adequate.....and they were only kind of lit at best, and some of them weren't lit at all, partially cause the wires had been stolen. 

There were sculptures along the way:

And some rivers, well, creeks.

 More art... we also manage to pick some figs.

And there was this spring fed creek, part of which was deep enough for quite a nice swim!!! Even got my back massaged in a miniature waterfall!

There were invasive N American crayfish

See!  You could swim, and you could swim up around the corner, it was very cool!  Not the water actually, that was pretty nice.  The only slightly unnerving part was hearing the miniature waterfall ahead around the bend and trying to remember if the creek was running towards it or away, cause it was deep enough there was no touching the bottom!

See the crawfish?

There were some very big bridges, and honestly the views were amazing.

We rode along the Ebre for a while, I actually kayaked past here in the spring.

A very modern sundial

They even picked us up at the end of the ride to bring the bikes (and us) back up to the start point, and the car.  Clever how they could fit all the bikes in together.

Gorgeous day out.  Trying to think how we could do it again with our own bikes....


Anonymous said...

crayfish or crawfish? Careful not to get pinched :p. Pretty nice ride, and with some great weather too...

oreneta said...

ElP, they are known as crayfish, crawfish, crawdads...all the same, http://grammarist.com/usage/crayfish-crawfish-crawdad/\\

and it was a very nice ride indeed....

Sadly these crawdaddies are invasive here.....the guy from the park said we could take as many as we liked to eat.

I'm not that hungry, though they are tasty.

Anonymous said...

What a wondeful day; the scenery is so beautiful and it looks warm, unlike it is becoming here.

oreneta said...

It was a truly lovely day. Swimming and all. Though I think I've left it too late here. A front came through this evening and it ain't as hot as it used to be!