Sunday, October 13, 2013


Worked Saturday morning, like always, and then the weekend started!  Though I did go out with friends on Fri evening....a lovely crepe place that had TINY portions!! TINY!!!  I came home hungry and woke up hungry...breakfast next morning....2 eggs, 1 banana, 1 pear, tea, oatmeal and cheese.  HUNGRY!

That said, after work Sat I had a lovely lazy day....a nap, a good lunch, 3 more eggs for snack....watched videos with Youngest....

Then all powered up (relatively speaking) off walking this morning with another friend.  A small little pressure, no speed, all good.

We saw some stuff:

This was an old pipe that ran water down the water from the mountains to a village....I had gone by it in a walk a few weeks ago, but was so focussed on speed I didn't take a picture.  Nice to go back and get one.

Very narrow to walk along, fun.

And one tile was different!

And these two enormous magnificent pines growing out of this huge rock....

Look at that tree!!!!!

A view...

And we saw a big old preying mantis on the way, the camera didn't want to take a picture though, so the road is nice and clear and the mantis is rather blurred.

She was a big 'un.

After this, the man and I went into BCN...more later.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't the different tile be some kind of signature from one of the stonecutters who worked on it? That, or a clue to a hidden treasure lost for centuries, only waiting for you to find it out...

oreneta said...

Could be...I wonder if someone out there knows about it!????

Saw another preying mantis today too....seems to be a bumper year for them.