Thursday, November 28, 2013

Finally, photos from the weekend!

This was, in all honesty, one of the coolest walks I've ever been on with the group here.  Really great.  COLD as all get out, what's that phrase?  Cold as a witch's titty?  Cold as a well digger's ass?

Whatever, it was chilly!

We climbed some a river way, which was, as you can see below, seriously vertical, very very cool.  What they call a grimpada, which means you have to deploy your hands to make it up.....

There were kids along with us who found icicles, and like kids everywhere, were eating them.   In Catalan they are often called 'caramels de gel' -  ice candies.  The girls were hilarious, parts of the climb involved the possibility of a serious fall, and involved some real climbing in cold and possibly icy conditions....the girls were forced to leave their icicles at the bottom as they needed both hands to climb, so they spent the entire time calling up to me asking if there were more icicles at the top.  Love what is important.  No fear, no nerves, just wanted another icicle!  They were great.

There were also another couple of women who were fast walkers!!!! They walked at my pace!!!!! And they were funny as hell.  We spent a large part of the time passing each other... and repassing and repassing.

We stayed in a refugi that was very remote.  Kind of pricey, but good, and had lots of wood work which is not typical here in Spain.

The next day, we saw lots and lots of animals...this little pony followed us out of his field, and as none of us were horsemen or women it took us a while to convince it to go liked following the kids when they were running, so that worked, we got the kids to run back in and then shut the gate and the climbed out.

Mountain horses and ponies tend to be big of body and short of leg.

We were greeted by some donkeys, who wanted affection and got it!

Saw a mass of beautiful snow covered mountains

The area was spectacular with lots of pointy mountains sticking up out of nowhere.  Beautiful!!!

Like one of those old chinese paintings.

You can get a bit of an idea from here, but mostly this is view......

Oh, and a cow.... her calf was running around in and out of the field.

Fabulous weekend.


Anonymous said...

Nice :). When I see or hear the word Icicle, I always think bicycle. And then I have the song from Queen stuck in my head... :D

oreneta said...

They do sound strikingly similar, don't they. And, thank you, now I have that song stuck in my head too. Lovely earworm, though I do like the song.