Monday, November 18, 2013

went to BCN

and it rained so hard I had puddles inside my shoes and my undies were damp...twice in one day.

Got this photo.  That's it.

Yes, that is a bathroom sink, in the Olympic stadium though...and it's pretty cool...despite the crap on the's a tiled wall, a metal sheet that tips back and is set out from the wall and a big drain on the floor.  Spare, efficient and only wets your shoes a bit I imagine!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty unconventional. I'd be afraid of the splash. If the faucets are set on "full splashing power", chances are the tipping is not tipsy enough, if you see what I mean...

oreneta said...

Yeah....I wondered about that too, it was too cold to get my feet even wetter trying it out though. If I go back on a warmer day I'll test drive it for you!