Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mountain biking

Went mountain biking with the man today.  I do a fair amount of cycling these days, back and forth to work every day, about 14K with nearly 200M of climbing every day.  Not a ton, but not nothing either.

I have not, however, ridden on trails for a very long time, I'm thinking over 20 years.  Till today.


It was actually a lot of fun.  Anyone with any mountain biking experience would have died a thousand deaths watching us, but we had fun.  Part of our anticipated route turned out to be too technical for too long, so we bailed and took another route, that I had walked a couple of years ago.  Turns out I don't remember climbs well when I've walked the route.  THAT BABY WAS STEEP!  and LONG STEEP!


It was great we were debating our final route down home, we had two choices, the way we came up, which would involve no further climbing, or another route, which had the benefit of being different.

I had climbed.

At one point we saw the goats!  There's a big herd that wanders around and provides milk that is made into lovely cheese.  The dogs were working the goats, they had headed the wrong way and we could hear the shepherd, or goatherd I guess calling now and then, and the dog was rounding the goats up, no barking a muffled low whine kind of noise, and off they went....

action shots below.  If you look carefully, you can see the dog in both of the photos.

Shower time!!!

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