Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It has been a while

It has been a while since I've sat down in front of a blank blog page and had to comb through the day to see what I wanted to write about.  It's been a good day, Xmas day....Santa came, presents were opened, books read, candy eaten, arguments had, walks taken, naps taken too (THANK GOODNESS), the Queen watched...the Spanish king's address here in Catalonia wasn't watched live, TV3, the Catalan public TV station held a brief half hour strike.  Woe is me.

We had a big fat dinner with turkey and all the fixings, now sitting by the fire.  Nice.

Both girls are here which is a marvel, wonderful indeed.

Though they bicker...what a surprise, as do we with them....having to readjust to all being together again. 

Neat to see the changes in Eldest.  She's so much older.  So capable.  So wonderful.

With Youngest the changes are more incremental, we see her every day. 

Odd with traditions, how hard we hold onto them, even something as silly as a walk on Christmas day, but for me, it is an absolute.  However much the kids whinge!

Anyway, not coming up with anything that profound, some things I'm coming up with aren't appropriate to the day....politics and Spain etc...

Let's leave it at Merry Christmas all!




Anonymous said...

Glad you're all together again. How long is Eldest staying? Happy Holidays :)

oreneta said...

Me too, it's great all being here. She leaves, sadly, shortly after New Years, so not so long, then we don't see her again till JUNE!!!