Sunday, December 22, 2013

Well, life has been a wee bit hectic lately

And this poor blog has paid the price!   I had to look back to see what I had and hadn't posted!  Do I ever have a backlog!!!

As we are planning a pretty quiet family Xmas,  I should be able to get myself all caught up again.  Here's hoping.

Rather randomly, I'm going to start with some photos from when I went kayaking, last weekend maybe?  Seems longer ago than that, but it's been like that lately.

Went off with a group to the Pantà de Llhosa del Cavall, near Lleida.  Beautiful place and we had a simply perfect day.

The white stuff in the foreground isn't snow, but it is heavily frosted.  Not likely to get sympathy from the Canadians in the ice storms, but it was chilly for us unprepared Catalans!

Hanging out in the sunshine to keep warm!!!

Some amazing crystal formations!!!

This was nearing lunchtime, and it started warming fact I was BROILING right about here, and got around the corner and took a couple of layers off, blessed relief!

At lunch, the white stuff is dried out waterplants, not snow.

Not a lot of breeze even...

Spectacular day.

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elpadawan said...

Wow, those are beautiful! Enjoy the holidays, and merry christmas to you :)