Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Small signs of improvement?

The economy here is Spain is bad, very very bad. 

Lately though, there have been a few small signs of improvement.  A few.  But still.....

The place around the corner that sells prepared food has started selling truita de patata again, this is like an omlete, but bigger and full of potatoes.  It is also something that EVERYONE can make at home, so if folks are going out to buy one?  They have some disposable income.  It has been several years since they were selling these.  Still, it's only occasionally, but still.

The architects I know are getting a tiny bit of tentative movement.  A small renovation here, a minor adjustment there....but things have been completely dead for several years, so even these small jobs are a big deal.

Finally, I am starting to see furniture out by the garbage bins.  When we first got here, there was a lot...the garbage has depots on most blocks, rather than it being picked up at the end of the street, and if you have furniture you don't want anymore, you put it out by the bins.  Used to be quite a lot, indeed a lot of our furniture when we first got here came from the bins.  Then there was NOTHING...not a thing.  Now, there is a tiny bit.  Really exceptionally crappy stuff, but a tiny bit nonetheless.

Here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

Little indicators but I think you are right ; they mean times are getting better, at last. Seadog

oreneta said...

I hope so Seadog...hope so.