Saturday, July 26, 2014


Went running the other day up by where I work.  I run in a ravine there, on a trail.

I never see anybody.

In the park leading in to the ravine, yeah, sometimes, and I've seen bunnies and deer and birds and lots and lots of snails that I stop and scoot (well, gently toss) off the path so they don't get stepped on, and folks.

However, once I hit the trail, no one.  Ever.

Until the other day when I went running there.  I was bounding (well, more like jogging, but allow me some delusions) along happily feeling great when I saw someone ahead of me on the trail. Walking.

Let me just say that it is 7am.

He's carrying a chain saw, at 7am on a deserted trail.

I will also say that he was wearing a hard hat, with ear protectors, and a reflective safety vest, but still, it's 7am, a little early for the Parks and Rec department, I would have thought.

He hadn't heard me so I slowed to his pace and had a little internal debate about what to do.

Normally in Spain when I run on the trails I have to dog, and he provides a measure of protection.  The reality is that I'm not sure his Chuckiness would actually do anything, but neither are they, so it works.  I did not have the dog with me this time.

Ho hum

People don't actually in real life get murdered by chainsaw wielding nutjobs in parks in the Greater Toronto Area, I mean, it's not impossible, but the stats on this have got to make it very unlikely.

I followed him along for a while and decided it was fine, accelerated and passed him.  Then I passed the other 6 guys who were ahead of him, all in hard hats with ear protectors and safety vests.

Guess the municipal workers in that area start pretty early.

Weirdly, I didn't see them on the way back through this narrow ravine out and back.  Like they'd disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Glad you survived and didn't play a part in "GTA Chainsaw massacre". On retrospect, maybe a crazed serial killer would not wear a reflective vest, so as not to be noticed too easily (and because you can't really clean those, it's terrible the synthetic material they use, these days...)

oreneta said...

My thinking about the reflective vest exactly...if it had been a little later in the day, I wouldn't have wondered, but 7am????

And yes, synthetics, a real problem. What will the do next.

Did you see the exoskeletons that some shipyard workers in Korea are getting? That looks seriously cool!

Anonymous said...

What were they planning to sneakily cut down before anyone could stop them; a municipal trick (and others e.g. Developers)?