Wednesday, November 26, 2014

how does this work?

Just got a linked in account, a couple of days ago, it's a course requirement, but it also seems like maybe it's time, or not.  It's interesting anyway, while simultaneously boring.

What confuses me is the fairly steady stream of people wanting to link up with me, how do they know I have an account?  When I set mine up I was asked to send link requests to any number of people (over 350!!!) - I sent out less than a seventh of that - but folks keep finding me!  And they are people I know.  Are they cruising their linked in account to go through their phone books?  Does Linked in send them a notification?  (this is my suspicion) 

It is faintly creepy, I mean, there is a lot of personal information about yourself up there, seems, well, unwise.


Anonymous said...

To me, linkedin is business. I therefore only put business related information, for recruiters to find. Nothing personal. Nothing that I wouldn't put on my Resume, anyways.
People sometimes link their email accounts (or facebook accounts) to their linkedIn account. LinkedIn will often make suggestions based on common connections, and also when somebody in your email contacts join up, they could show up. I know I haven't let linkedin check my email account contacts in ages. The only contact requests I usually get now are from colleagues or former colleagues (or soon to be former colleagues) wanting to "keep track".

oreneta said...

Yeah, that must be what's happening, it's linked to their email so I appear.

weird though