Sunday, November 16, 2014

This and that

Note to self:  never use an activity based on seeing a crime and the police arriving with adults in some parts of Spain.  Works with teens, but when I (stupidly) did it with the adults, one of the members of the class was old enough to have been beaten frequently by Franco's cops when protesting in the 70s, and the other grew up in the Basque region in the late 70s and early 80s and remembers gathering rubber bullets as a game.  Neither of them have, ah, good associations with cops.

Note to self:  December is going to be a humdinger with the work for the master's, teaching many hours, report cards, marking for Toronto and prepping for xmas! 

Note to self:  on beautiful days, get away from the computer and go do something oustside!

Note to self: uncomfortable chairs are ultimately better to work in cause they make you keep shifting your weight around and getting up. Much better for the health.

Note to self:  Turn of the computer and go do something!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you really write that at 2 am? Why weren't you fast asleep in bed? Did you know that a Latvian composer's music was chosen for your new hymn? Am assuming they changed the words when translating the song! Cheers, Ilze

oreneta said...

Yeah, I might have....only so much time in the day. We have a new hymn? Do you mean anthem???