Sunday, November 23, 2014

Web 2.0

or the great black hole that eats our time!
For the master's I have to develop an online ID, ok, fine, I get it, it is a course in online education, IT etc etc etc

but he want's us to going 3 different groups for managing content.  ANNOYING!  I already have a system, it's called google docs!

So much duplication and so little time.


Anonymous said...

The wife had to create a Yahoo account for one class of her English studies last year. Because that teacher was using Yahoo Groups to share the documents. Couldn't put them on the University website. Or use a system where you are not forced to have a specific account with one of the giant providers. No. She had to create an account, just for this. And forgot the credentials soon enough that she had to reset it every time she needed to access documents again (it's a well known fact that a secure password you don't use daily is a forgotten password in a week's time, is it not?). Technology.

oreneta said...

It's nuts isn't it, at one point I added up all of my email addresses, I think I have 7. There may be a couple more that have been generated without my knowing.


I use 4 of them regularly. Is that not crazy???

And then there is the passwords!!!!!