Monday, May 18, 2015


We have a great dentist here.  Seriously, I love her.

She has several great points, she's very very friendly, she seems to be a very good dentist, she's trained reasonably recently, so she is very up to date.  I don't feel like she's out for money as she very much works on a minimal intervention.  If she sees the beginning of a cavity she waits and watches it, rather than billing us 150 + for filling it immediately.  Sometimes, they don't change.  Sometimes they get better on their own.  Turns out.  Not something my Canadian dentists ever admitted to.

She's also nice.  In that she works with positive reinforcement about dental hygene rather than the shaming that Canadian dentists work with.

Finally, she's really really really cheap!!!!

Oh, and then, instead of a toothbrush?

Look what we got today.....


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Didn't know Oral B made toothpaste.

Anonymous said...

Wow, never had a dentist hand me out a toilet paper roll before. That's weird!

oreneta said...

Heheheheeee, full service establishment.....and the toothpaste? Not the best tasting ever......but it seems to work fine.

Dental said...
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