Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet Chuck

Most of you already have.....but here he is again.

Chuck's had a rough couple of days.  Started on Sunday when he went walking with Youngest to one of the local mountains (very very low).  You see, they lost each other.  For about an hour.

Fortunately Youngest had a friend with her who stayed put.  Also, Youngest had a photo of the dog on her phone, so she could ask people if they'd seen him.  Also, fortunately, Youngest is very fit, cause she walked up that mountain once and ran flat out up it twice that day.

Chuck eventually found the friend who had the sense to hang onto him.

This is Chuck once he got home.  He kinda needed a nap, but also kinda needed some physical contact.  I worked on the floor for a bit.

Then Barça won the league last night.  This involves lots of yelling and shooting off of fireworks.  Not Chuck's favourite thing.  And after the day he'd had?  There's no photo, he was hiding in a cave or box.  He didn't eat dinner and didn't want to go out for his walk.

So today he got a bath, went to the vet and got a vaccine.

Poor pup.

Though he actually seems pretty fine today.

Youngest  is, well, young and fit.  She's only a wee bit sore.  Got the highest score for girls on sit ups (57 in a minute) and the most flexibility in the class.  (22 cm beyond her toes, while stiff from running)

Exciting times.


Anonymous said...

wow, poor lil' guy :(. And congrats to Youngest on her fitness :). How is the slacklining coming along? ;)

oreneta said...

Hey ElP, yeah, a tough couple of days for the dog.....and not as much slacklining as I expected!