Friday, May 15, 2015

Nothing in far far far too long

So much that I don't know where to start.....

So I'll go see what I have photos of!

Before I do that though...the reason why. There is that pesky Master's degree I am working on, and darn it, they don't let you just buy it, you have to actually work for it, and that is time consuming. 

Plus I got another job, this time teaching English online through a university!!!! YEAH!  Long may it last.......but that is also quite time consuming.

And then there is the usual work and family etc etc etc.....


some photos.......

I went into BCN a few weeks ago now (wow) and we had a marvelous day, I ended up doing and seeing four (4!!!) things I had never before done in BCN......

First we went to Sant Pau del Camps church which is a little old romanesque church tucked away in a corner of BCN.  I used to go by it often and never managed to get in.  But friend had organized a guide and everything!!!

Here it is.  Lovely little church, no?

A detail on the outside....they suppose that it is ...well men and lady parts.....which was apparently common at the time, though honestly, I cannot imagine why.  Looks like poop to me, but again, why?

Turns out the guided tours were cancelled for a batpistm.  Luck for us, the guide found us and took us around...and showed us stuff that no one normally sees, like into offices to see more features.  It was AMAZING.

Picasso lived in BCN for quite some time and did a lot of sketching here, as well as a painting of the church.  It is thought that this particular figure on one of the pillars may have been influential for  the Desmoiselles.

I can kinda see it. Especially in her face and the really big hands.

Filled with delight, we walked off to Monjuïc and took a tour of the roof of MNAC...never did that before, 2 Euros and you can walk all around the roof, though having done it before, it would be easy to do it for free....though that would be a little scuzy.

This is the walk up to Monjuïc, and I don't seem to have grabbed any photos from the roof.  Views of BCN and all...

Except this one, which was a dance that was going on nearby, the photo was taken from the roof itself.

Then we noticed that a building behind MNAC was open, which almost never is.  Honestly, it was something of a nasty pile....nothing special at all, but cool to see and had nice gardens.  Apparently (Spanish) King Alfonso the something or other stayed here during the world fair ages ago.  Whatever.

Then walking back through Montjuïc, we came across the font dels gats....which turns out to be a font, (not this one, it isn't so picturesque) but also a restaurant designed by Puig i Cadafalc, though not one of his most amazing works.

A lovely little place to take a break though.

Here's the restaurant.

And the entrance

And a view from above...

Then a walk down through the park and saw this lovely bit of tile work alongside a fountain.

Really, a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day!

oreneta said...

It really was, and it's cool to get to see new places in BCN as well.

Anonymous said...

Consumed by work/studies. Somehow, I know how that feels like... So much so that I didn't even have time to put more puppy pictures up :S