Sunday, January 24, 2016

Look at this fish!

I went on a gorgeous walk today with a gigantic group of people.  It was great fun, but you have got to see this fish...

There's a big tuna that lives in one of the ports and it is pretty amazing to see.  A very strong muscular animal.  It moves very very fast and looks quite predatory.

Unbeknownst to me my camera lens was filthy, so the other photos came out pretty terrible.  My phone took better photos which is kinda sad.

And while good blog posts are supposed to be about only one topic, meh, I don't care.  So here are some more photos from the day!

I love sea anemones and I love the sea. 

Goodness but I am a lucky person.


Anonymous said...

Georgeous photos. I've never photos of a tuna swimming before. Is he lost?

oreneta said...

No, apparently he has decided to live in the port. There are some fishing boats and I guess there are good pickings!