Sunday, January 31, 2016

weird, no just plain rude and astonishingly oblivious

In the village where I live (not that village-y, but still) we have been lucky this year that an amazing ensemble has been coming to play, there have been four classical music concerts so far, and there is one more to go.  Love it. 

We are a village, so we are a little uncouth, in that there is a tendency for people to applaud when they aren't supposed to, but we make up for it with vast enthusiasm!

There is one thing about it though that is so weird.  There is a group of old ladies who come, and they chat (a bit) during the concert, and this is NOT a big hall, 500 people, but the worst of all is that they eat candies.  They share them.  They bring the candies in a plastic bag that they pass around.  A noisy crinkly plastic bag. The candies themselves are wrapped in crinkly paper, so they pass them back and forth, open them, then they have to crinkle the papers up into a little ball, and frequently THROW THEM ON THE FLOOR!

Please remember, small hall.  They are very close to the musicians.  

It is astonishing.

Today was better than the other times, it was only two of the old biddies, and they only did it once.  They also got fiercely shushed at one point when they started to chat.

But honestly, even if you did grow up under Franco, how, how how, can you think that this behaviour is OK?

Who would make that much noise in the middle of a quiet stretch of a Mozart piano concerto, when you are only about 15 feet from the pianist and then throw the wrapper on the floor after crinkling it into a ball?



Anonymous said...

They are probably deaf to the crinkling sound. Could someone who knows them have a chat with them? And give them a present of candies that aren't wrapped. Seadog

oreneta said...

Yeah......maybe, just maybe.....but I am not sure deafness has anything to do with deliberately throwing the wrapper on the floor, or talking during a performance.

Peggy never did those and she was certainly deaf enough.

Think it has more to do with being courteous and respectful of the people around you.

elPadawan said...

I would hate to be the shusher, though. You don't want to get on the wrong side when dealing with village-y Old Hags (tm)...

oreneta said...

You do have a point.......

and I'm the foreigner too.