Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Talk about messing with the doggies head!


Quite unintentionally I gave Chuck quite the head psyche.

I put on my coat to take youngest to school, at the usual time that we go out for a walk.  Got some dog treats, checked I had a plastic bag, all good signs that a walk is imminent, put on my shoes and the dog's leash.......and then took the dog with me to the door of the bathroom to tell youngest to hurry up.

Took me a moment to understand why Chuck was panicing, refusing to go into the room ahead of me, and generally trying to dig his way into the flat below in an attempt to get away from me.

Though he was headed for a bath!

Now wouldn't THAT be a nasty trick to play on a dog!



Lynda said...

Cruel and unusual punishment! But I like it ;)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Nasty! Poor thing, I can almost see the thought bubble over his head.

Helen said...

We put Saffy's lead on to bath her. Otherwise she runs away

Beth said...

From an anticipated walk to the horror of a bath - quite an emotional and physical psyche! Poor Chuck.

J.G. said...

Poor guy! He must have felt so disoriented. "Hey, WAIT a minute . . . ."

oreneta said...

Lynda, quite unintentional, but quite funny.

Bodhi, more like a thought panic!

Helen, exactly!

Beth...it was a little rough for him, no doubt.

JG...exactly, WAIT a minute!!!!