Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas 09

The man and I over dinner got thinking about going to Oslo for a couple of days with the kids to visit the museums there...the Fram, the Viking, the KonTiki....the organisation is proving difficult and expensive...maybe another day.

We'll see.

Christmas went of wonderfully.  I even slept till about 7:30.  We won't talk about over-excited me not being able to go to sleep until about 2:30, that's another issue.

Gifts were given and received, jigsaw puzzles were started, we always used to have one on the go at Christmas, and so did some of my Mom's family.  Don't know why I don't have one set up all the time.  Maybe in the new house.....hmmm, that corner in the living room I didn't know quite what to do with......better than tetris!  Though I can get awfully caught up in this too....You might just be able to see the new camera stand the man gave me, one of these!

Youngest, with some help from Eldest, made me this hat:

Cool, no?!?!  Oh, and GM?  Thank you so much....I ADORE the scarf!!!!!

Dinner...oooo, the man and I picked it up from the corner store...well, pre-ordered it....turkey thighs roasted and simmered in prunes, apricots and pine nuts.  VERY traditional Catalan meal...they have quite an old cuisine...marked partially by the use of fruits with meats.  Medieval that is.  Neat, eh?

On the note of ancient things in daily life...did you know that we are all reading and speaking the ancestry of the viking language?  Really.  Of the top 100 words in English, almost all of them, and the top 88 are all from the language of the original conquerers of the Celts....neat-o, no?

We SO have got to get the kids to be d*mned.

  An aside, the podcasts in my new iPod are synching up.  I LOVE this little machine!  Last night when I couldn't sleep, I turned the iPod on to try and lull myself to sleep.  Turns out the podcast I thought I had downloaded, in Catalan, was a TV show.  The show is called Polonia.  The Spanish call the Catalans Pollacks, as in Polish cause they think the Catalans talk so funny.  The Catalans have, in turn, created a political satire show poking fun at themselves, but mostly at Madrid and they call it Polonia, complete with the cyrilic N.  Wow.  Am I ever rambling.  Hold on, I'll grab the story line again.  Picture this.  Canadian on Christmas Eve, unable to sleep tucked under the covers watching a Catalan bilingual television show called Polonia.

It was a weird moment.

Well, onto the main blogish story of the day.  Chuck got right into the holiday spirit after he figured out that some of these parcels had goodies in them.  It was a bit like having a very fuzzy and toothy one-year-old at the event...getting into all the unwrapping and if thwarted heading for whatever he could grab under the tree.  He makes a very fast one-year-old.  All those feet he's got I guess.

Here's the proof. In the first picture here, he has scored his first doggie treat, and is hiding behind the Man's chair to scarf it back.

Then he emerges, a present monster is born.  Here is his Chuckiness moving in for the kill on one of my presents.....

We had to stop him, she was worried my hat would get damaged, and once I found out what it was, I agreed that it might have.

Then there was this box.  It was a very very tempting box.

It was also a little difficult

to get a good angle on it.

*whew*  That was exhausting!

Then there were the turkey thighbones he stole from the kitchen.  Already finished thankfully, not like another Christmas I could mention....

A good day all in all for everyone.


Helen said...

Looks and sounds great.

J.G. said...

I have a jigsaw puzzle going, too! It's proving very difficult and you have made way more progress on yours. I don't even have the edges in place yet, though I did find the 4 corners.

hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! What a great day! Merry Christmas, Oreneta! I hope 2010 brings much joy and learning to your household. (And smooth remodeling.)

oreneta said...

Helen, it was.

JG, the puzzle was easy to start with but is now getting hard. It's a conglomeration of Van Gogh paintings, a lot of yellow and blue and brush work....urgh.

Hula, Thank you so much, may 2010 be a little less stressful for you...glad it ended on a happy note.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Sounds like a full family filled day! Our Christmas dinner with friends was cancelled when two of their dogs got in a fight and one of the owners tried to intervene. Mistake. Their day was then spent at the hospital ER then off to the Vet with the injured pooch. Festivities were delayed one day, to Sat, then WE had to cancel because my other half suddenly came down with a cold and spent the day in his jammies. At least it was 10C/50F degrees and sunny. :o)

Jason, as himself said...

Looks like it was a wonderful holiday for you and your family; I'm happy about that!!

oreneta said...

what a shame about the party, and your friends. I have intervened in dog fights here, but with some fear every time.....well justified it seems. At least the weather was gorgeous! You'll have to try again at New Years. Hope your other half is feeling better. The man is down today feeling weak and yucky.

Jason, so am I. How did your festivities turn out?