Monday, July 12, 2010

Back years and years ago...

honestly YEARS ago I used to make bread quite a lot.  I loved making bread.  The kneading of the dough, the scents, the magic of the bread rising, the warm bread straight from the oven. Utter heaven.

Then we moved on the boat - no oven.

Then we moved to Spain - no oven.

This year, for the course I am teaching, we are making bread every week....and I get to test run it before I am making bread twice a week.  Super yummy.

This week, Afghan naan.  I am taking the recipes from Jeffry Alford and Naomi Duguid's cook book Flatbreads and Flavours.  I love the book, and I love the breads.  They write the CLEAREST recipes and with explanations that anyone can follow.  Plus, because the breads are from traditions I am not so familiar with, I am more forgiving about how it turns out.

Always edible though.

Want to bake bread along with me?  I wonder if I could post the recipes...with credits.  Alternatively you could bake your own favourites and we could compare pictures!

Summer seems an odd time to be doing this, but it is so very very good.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Wow, I've always envied one who could bake good bread. I love the idea of it, however, every time I have tried, it has turned out like a rock. I don't think I have the kneading down just right. I am a little short on time at the moment but after the 20th I might be up for a little trial and error. You have already seen the inside of my medicine cabinet/linen closet - what could be worse?!

Terrie said...

Count me in! I am in desperate need of bread making lessons. That sounds funny coming from a chef but things that take prior planning are difficult for me.

oreneta said...

Bodhi, I talked to Naomi Duguid...well emailed her, and I can post the recipes so...your off!

Terrie, yours will be better than anyones...for sure