Friday, July 23, 2010

Driving with Eldest

I've been logging some hours with Eldest in the car these days, and it turns out that Eldest is in fact a suburban middle aged white guy with a preference for beer and pick-ups!

No sh*t!

Her preferred radio station?  You got it, Q107.  For those of you not from TO, that is the 'classic' rock station.  They played it all, Supertramp, ACDC, Dire Straits (which they NEVER would have played back in the day) ZZ Top, Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust era, the Stones. She was even marginally impressed by my ability to name the song and band within a few bars.

The weirdness is that I don't like it much myself, and would NEVER listen to it on my own, preferring some of the newer music, but talking books if I have my way.....

You know what else?  Q still has the same announcers, which is kinda cool, must be a decent place to work, but Galleger, Maureen, and Kim Mitchel have been there since Moses was a baby, honestly, they've got to be pushing 60 by now.


Another observation from the road, has anyone else laid eyes on that Flex thing Ford put out, Yeah, there's the car for me, (NOT)... I've always wanted to drive around in an undercover hearse.

That is one weird car, from the side, hearse; from behind, a mini on steroids.

Ugly ugly ugly.


Trish said...

Your post rings a bell with me; I have 3 teens with very different tastes in music, which makes for us all having to take turns playing "our" music when together in the car. BTW that car does sound dreadful; who wants to be in a hearse before their time, right??

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, Hubby and I just had a conversation in traffic last week about how "hearst-like" those cars are. Glad to know it's not just us who think they way.

BTW...I'd be all over that radio station. Can you really think about the radio when you're gripping the dash?

oreneta said...

It is a challenge...long live the mp3 player!

Hula, they are such weird cars, honestly....and eldest isn't that old yet, I still have my hands on the wheel, not the dash....heh heh hehhhhh!

elpadawan said...

speaking of cars, I'd rather get my hands on... this one:
It's electric. And it goes on the highway. w00t!

oreneta said...

That's a nice looking car! The price is a wee bit high, but electric on the highway AND it looks good! wOOt indeed!