Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A post that isn't just photos

Yesterday I made a fairly brilliant move, and left the house at 6:20 am to catch my 6:20 am bus.  If it hadn't been 6:20 am, I might have worked the math out better on that, but it wasn't until 6:22 that I realised that this wasn't going to work out.

So, I walked to work.  7K, 1 hour and 2 min.  Not too bad.  Not going to do it every day, but it was OK.  There's a saying in Catalan that goes along the lines of, those without a memory, have legs.  Yeah, those who are kinda dumb too.

On another note, the French are coming!

We are, for our sins, hosting a French exchange.  Youngest has been studying French for a couple of years, and the school this year has organized an exchange.  Somehow or other we got 2 French kids instead of the requisite 1, and they are both boys.  Should be interesting.  Especially as they are here to learn Spanish, which I speak rather marginally.  The man is better, and youngest is quite good.

Tengo que hablar i aprender mas español.

Should be a laugh and a half!

Also, on Monday I went back to the Hospital de San Pau with a different friend, it was neat, I didn't bring the camera, something of a mistake as they opened up parts of the building that we didn't see last time, but they also closed up some of the best bits.  I asked around and most of it is going to be unavailable if you pay to go in as they are going to be using it as a conference center and offices for businesses, which I do think is a very good thing overall, just a shame that it'll be hard to see!

On that note, I think I had better go to bed, life is pretty busy around here!  I'm even painting!

I've got two gigantic paintings on the go, two friends who wanted them.....so it's fun, but frustrating as I haven't got the time to paint that I'd like.



Anonymous said...

Hahaha, love the saying, that's a very good one :). I forgot Youngest had started French. If she needs a hand or want some conversation partner, you know where to find me :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to take a deep breath every now and then! Seadog

oreneta said...

which one, the those without memory? It's true isn't it. She's getting to practice her French this weekend with the kids that are here to practice Spanish, cause they understand almost nothing!

Sea dog: several, and frequently.